Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Week 10

I love Celebrity Apprentice. Without question, it is one of my fifteen favorite shows on television, but sweet mother of Trump is three hours way too long. The typical two hour episodes can even prove a bit taxing at times, but that final sixty minutes drug out this week like the last minute and a half of a twelve point basketball game where one team keeps intentionally fouling.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Week 9

With Star and Nene going at it like two hobos on the same sloppy joe, Marlee's positioning as head woman should actually help the flounding team. They may not take orders well from each other, but it’s likely they’ll follow her direction if they shut up long enough to hear her translator out

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Week 8

This week on Celebrity Apprentice LaToya Jackson was fired despite the fact that she did absolutely nothing wrong in the challenge itself. Both teams were terrible, Coke II-level terrible, but the women failed harder, faster and stronger, leading to a boardroom showdown with Nene, project manager Star and LaToya Jackson

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Week 7

A totally reasonable case could be made that Gary Busey was thrown to the wolves this week by teammates who made him project manager in order to watch him fail. But even if he was, wouldn’t you have done the same thing?

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Week 6

This week, LaToya spent most of the episode refusing to make decisions and complaining about how her teammembers were sabotaging her. Apparently, in her view, repeatedly asking her what the theme was is tantamount to intentionally screwing up the challenge. I might have tried to jump inside the TV Pleasantville-style had Nene not gone on one of the more epic rants I’ve ever seen

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Week 5

Fundraising challenges are simultaneously rewarding and infuriating. Rewarding because obscene amounts of money are raised for worthy causes; infuriating because the most effective team doesn’t always win. Look no further than this season’s first episode for an indication of that

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Week 4

It’s like when you are babysitting a group of kids and one of them doesn’t have the skill set to play with the group, nor figure out something on his or her own, so you give them a menial task to keep them busy while you work with the group. LaToya is the random child who doesn’t really fit.

Top Chef All-Stars: Power Rankings Week 15

With only two competitors left, Cinema Blend writers Mack Rawden and Jessica Grabert have decided to take opposing viewpoints in a Top Chef great debate

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Week 3

Gary Busey has to be the strangest winning project manager in the history of The Apprentice, right? He’s certainly the only one to abandon tasks to play catch and praise another team member for taking a nap mid-challenge

Top Chef All-Stars: Power Rankings Week 14

For the second week in a row, there was no topping emerging juggernaut Mike Isabella. He crammed pineapple, conch and a few other flavors into a seaweed wrap that once again narrowly edged Richard who screwed himself with one underdone piece of lobster that happened to go to the guest judge.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Week 2

Hampered by some stiff acting from Jose Canseco, ill-advised confetti that scared the children and a mediocre reading from Meatloaf, the boys had a few more problems than the women during their actual performance, but because they executed so well initially, their planning was ultimately enough to beat the women

Top Chef All-Stars: Power Rankings Week 13

Remember last week when all five of the remaining chefs performed so well the judges couldn’t bring it upon themselves to eliminate anyone? That certainly wasn’t the case this week. Maybe it was the hustle-bustle of the Bahamas, maybe it was a fire that nearly burned the kitchen down or maybe it was just finale jitters.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Week 1

You need to stick up for yourself. You need to project that you’re worthy of respect. David Cassidy couldn’t do either of those things, and The Donald send him packing, much to the chagrin of Jose Conseco--who admitted he wanted to punch Hatch

Top Chef All-Stars: Power Rankings Week 12

Now that’s what I’m talking about. After weeks upon weeks of chefs surviving simply because someone else screwed up more, all five remaining contestants crushed this week’s elimination challenge

4 Reasons Critics Are Wrong And Take Me Home Tonight Is A Must See

Take Me Home Tonight is, without question, one of the ten best comedies that will be released this year. It has heart, skillful camera work and more than a couple of big laughs, but there’s a good chance you’ll see none of that because so many of my fellow critics have mistakenly decided it’s terrible.

Top Chef All-Stars: Power Rankings Week 11

I was really upset when Angelo went home two weeks ago. I was likewise upset when Dale packed his knives this past episode. Combined together, the ramifications are startling for this entire season. That every initial frontrunner but Richard has been given the big ugly axe speaks not only to the overall depth of the all-stars but also my irritation with the format itself.

Top Chef All-Stars: Power Rankings Week 10

And that, in an eggplant, is the overarching problem with Top Chef, at least in my opinion. With such an emphasis placed on individual challenges rather than overall performance, now and again, one of the best chefs can inexplicably go home well before his or her time

Top Chef All-Stars: Power Rankings Week 9

With only seven contestants left, Top Chef is once again a game of survival. Stave off the competition three or four more weeks, and you’ll find yourself with a spot in the finals. Go big and you could wind up like Jennifer, Stephen or Fabio

Top Chef All-Stars: Power Rankings Week 8

Last week, I said the following about Tre: I can’t shake the feeling that the aforementioned horrible effort will rear its head at the wrong time in an upcoming week. Little did I know that horrible effort would involve risotto and happen sooner, rather than later

Top Chef All-Stars: Power Rankings Week 5

I suspect a lot of viewers were upset by this decision, I certainly was, but that doesn’t mean the judges made the wrong decision. Customers were walking out because they were so hungry, and yet

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