Oscar Host Replacements: 5 People Who Should Be The Next Seth MacFarlane

As is usually the case around here, we already have an opinion as to whom we’d like to see on the stage hosting next year’s Academy Awards. We understand that the “body” has barely cooled, but if the Academy can secure a host soon, they’d have a calendar year to write jokes that are far better than the juvenile and insulting “We Saw Your Boobs.” So, who deserves the gig?

The Avengers Great Debate: Who Gives The Best Performance?

But we here at CinemaBlend did get into a passionate discussion about who – if anyone – distanced themselves from Whedon’s pack to emerge as the best performer in The Avengers. And we’re taking the debate online. For the purpose of the discussion, Katey and Sean singled out the actors each thought did the finest work in Whedon’s cast, then attempted to explain why.

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