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Final Fantasy XV's Multiplayer Expansion Has Been Delayed, Here's When It's Now Coming Out

Square Enix had to delay the highly anticipated multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV. It was originally supposed to be due out in October but now the date has been moved back. For how long? Well, not that long.

When Destiny 2's Trials Of The Nine Will Return

Bungie has been working hard to fix Destiny 2 and to improve the options and features for gamers. One of the updates includes a return of the Trials of the Nine, which was disabled recently after an exploit in the Crucible was discovered involving one of the emotes.

What Went Wrong With Halo: The Master Chief Collection, According To The Director

Years after the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, a lot of people still have less than fond memories of the anthology starring the space-faring version of RoboCop known as Master Chief. Well, there's a reason some of those things just didn't gel when the game launched back in 2014.

Some Switch Digital Games Are Going To Actually be Produced, Get The Details

The Nintendo Switch has been a smash hit success for Nintendo throughout the year so far. The system has been quite the innovative piece of hardware and has opened up a number of smaller studios to hit success with their digital offerings. Well, some of those digital games will be getting physical releases.

Which Games Have Halloween Content Coming

A number of games have been or will be on the receiving end of some Halloween special events, updates, content patches and special treats. Some of these games have announced their Halloween specials well in advance, but others have only just recently made it known that they will be getting in on the frighteningly festive events.

What's Coming With Destiny 2's Winter Event

Bungie is being a lot more proactive in keeping the content for Destiny 2 rolling out consistently and frequently. In fact, while Halloween isn't even here yet and Thanksgiving is still around the corner, Bungie is already planning winter events to take place in Destiny 2 later this year.

Could Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Make it To The Nintendo Switch?

With so many big triple-A games making their way to the Nintendo Switch, a bunch of gamers have been asking if DICE and Electronic Arts would consider porting over the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront 2 to Nintendo's hybrid home console.

Harmonix Hit With A Round Of Layoffs

Renown developer of music games, Harmonix, has been hit with a round of layoffs at the company. After recently releasing the electronic board game DropMix, the developer had to reduce overhead by cutting down on the staff count.

Valve's Gabe Newell Is One Of The Richest People In America

A lot of people have a lot of love for Gabe Newell, the active president of Valve. However, gamers probably didn't know that he's one of the richest people in America. In fact, he might even be a lot richer than you may have thought.

Mario Makes A Lovely Bride Thanks To Super Mario Odyssey's Peach Amiibo

Nintendo is giving gamers a reason to be excited about the Amiibo for Super Mario Odyssey outside of simply collecting them. In fact, one of the reasons you might be interested in getting the Wedding Peach Amiibo for the game is to turn Mario into a bride!

Resident Evil: Revelations Has Retro Style Mini Games On Nintendo Switch

Capcom is taking a decidedly different direction with how the company is unleashing games on the Nintendo Switch. Instead of relying on the tried and true methods of rolling out a port and calling it a day, the company decided to add some inventive mini-games to Resident Evil: Revelations on the Switch.

Assassin's Creed: Origins PC Specs Revealed

Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Origins is fast approaching its release, and gamers are beginning to scope out whether or not they'll want to get it for home console or PC. Well, one way to make that decision easier is with the newly posted PC specs that give you an idea as to whether or not your rig can handle the game.

The Nintendo Switch Finally Adds A Much Needed Feature

One of the secret new updates added to the Nintendo Switch in the 4.0.0 roll out on October 18th is a feature that was much needed and requested for the system.

Nintendo Switch Update Adds Video Capture And More

Two of the most requested features that gamers had for the Nintendo Switch are finally here in the system update 4.0.0, which just recently rolled out for Nintendo's hybrid console on October 18th. The update includes cool features such as video capture and the ability transfer saved data.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Will Be Getting Major Updates Next Year

343 Industries and Microsoft kind of dropped the ball in a big way with the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The game's launch was riddled with bugs and problems that hampered the gaming experience for a lot of people. Well, after finally fixing the game and stabilizing it, there are some major updates inbound for the shooter anthology.

Gearbox Job Posting Hints At What's Next For The Studio

Gearbox Software is always working on something. It's one of the few development studios that constantly has something up its sleeve. Well, a new job posting for the site has detailed exactly what's next for the studio.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole's DRM Has Already Been Cracked

Ubisoft's South Park: The Fractured But Whole is currently available for home consoles and PC. The game is the typical South Park adventure, filled with crude jokes and lewd content. Well, even though the game has only been out for a day, it has already been cracked.

First Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC Is Now Available

Ubisoft had promised that Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle would have DLC rolled out to satiate the thirst that some gamers had for more content. If you managed to purchase the season pass for the game, there's actually some good news in the form of the first major DLC pack for the game being available right now.

Team Fortress 2 Is Getting A Massive New Update

Valve gets a heck of a lot of love, praise, hate, and embittered rage from the gaming community. A lot of the praise comes from the pro-consumer take on its business model, while the hate usually spawns from a lack of updates to some of Valve's most beloved franchises, like Team Fortress 2. Well, there's good news in the form of a massive new update for Team Fortress 2.

Who Will Win The 2018 NBA Finals, According To NBA 2K18

With the 2018 NBA season set to get rocking and popping soon, the good folks at 2K Games thought it necessary to simulate the season beforehand and see how well its own under-the-hood design holds up in NBA 2K18 for predicting who will actually walk away the champions in 2018.

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