Just because David Slade was busy making The Twilight Saga: Eclipse doesn’t mean that was the end of his dark vampire days. It turns out another director continued what Slade started and made a second 30 Days of Night film called 30 Days of Night: Dark Days.

The story kicks off after the folks of Barrow, Alaska were ravaged by a brutal group of vampires during the annual period when the sun doesn’t rise for 30 days. Stella Oleson (now played by Kiele Sanchez) is still alive, but not well. She’s living in Los Angeles and is constantly terrorized by the memory of her husband’s murder, so much so that’s she compelled to show the world that vampires exist and pose a serious threat to mankind. She hooks up with three other vampire-attack survivors, and together they set out to hunt down the queen vampire, Lillith, the one responsible for the attack on Stella’s hometown.

Having zero knowledge of a sequel being in the works prior to Sony's announcement, the thought of another 30 Days of Night is immensely exciting. Thumbs up to Slade for giving Twilight a darker side, but I’m still all for vampires that are evil through and through.

Box art has yet to be released, but we do have this bloody new image from FEARnet. You’ll have the option to purchase the DVD for $24.96 or the Blu-ray edition for $30.95 on October 5th. As for extras, both will come with filmmaker commentary and “Vampires Exist: The Gritty Realism of Dark Days.” Opting for the BD will tack on “Graphic Inspirations: Comic to Film Feature,” which will clearly link the making of the film to the source material, writer Steven Niles and artist Ben Templesmith’s second book in their 30 Days of Night graphic novel series.

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