I may be the only person who actually saw The Comebacks in theaters, at least judging from how quickly it disappeared from marquees. It may however end up fairing better on DVD, when it arrives on January 29th. Everybody loves a sports parody, don’t they? Even a crummy one?

When it arrives on the 29th, it’ll be offered as an Unrated DVD with more than 20 minutes of footage not seen in theaters. Below we’ve got cover art and release details for you. Take a look:

Unrated DVD bonus materials include:
  • Commentary by director Tom Brady
  • On The Bench deleted scenes
  • Featurettes
    o Coach Koechner
    o Million Dollar Booty
    o The Karaoke Kid
    o Heartland Hotties vs. Lone Star Naughties
    o A Laugh of Their Own
    o Razor Blades of Glory
    o The Mighty Dicks (Andy Dick outtakes)

    Theatrical Rated DVD version materials include:
  • Fox Movie Channel Presents “In Character with David Koechner”
  • Varsity Black N’ Blues behind-the-scenes featurette
  • Fox Atomic viral videos
    o Fake Product Endorsements
    o Beyond the Legacy
    o Ode To Namath
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