We’ve told you about what you won’t see when you’re watching the Watchmen movie in theaters, so now let’s talk about what you will see when the movie comes to DVD. Zack Snyder is promising to restore the harsh cuts he’s had to make, plus a few treats he hadn’t mentioned before.

In the past we talked about the different versions of Watchmen you can expect to see - the theatrical edition, a director’s cut, and then the big honkin’ collection that puts everything together. Here’s a brief idea of what those different versions will have.

Theatrical Cut - The movie you’ll see in theaters, with a running time of 2:36. Nothing special to see here, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the studio bare-bones this edition in an (unneeded) effort to get people to buy the other versions.

Director’s Cut - An extended edition of the movie that runs 3:10 and will include the material Snyder talks about trimming here. Snyder says this version is pretty much everything, telling Collider that there was very little that was shot that he didn’t like or use here. Expect to see this around Comic-Con time (July) of this year.

Complete Cut - This version will run 3:25 and will include the director’s cut material as well as the animated material that appears on the direct to DVD Tales of the Black Freighter companion piece. What’s really cool is that Snyder isn’t just putting the animated movie into the live-action Watchmen movie. They shot sequences designed to transition between the full movie and the animated sequences. As Snyder told Collider, ”When we were up there we physically shot the in’s and out’s, scenes at the newsstand that go into the movie. There’s like scenes where our characters pass the newsstand and then we pick up action at the newsstand and it gets us into the Black Freighter….with shots that go into it and it comes to life and you follow the Black Freighter story and then come back into the movie.” Expect to see this edition sometime in the fall.

So there you go - three separate editions of Watchmen, but each offering enough that I don’t feel like this is a triple dip from the studio. Some people may feel content with their Black Freighter material separate, or may be fine with just the theatrical edition. Then again, the releases are being spaced out to the point that it could be an attempt to get as much cash as possible. What do you think? Are these different editions valid, or is this money grubbing at its simplest form?

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