Everything wasn’t fine for Everybody’s Fine at the box office, but the movie is getting another go-around on DVD. On February 23rd Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will try to warm your heart by making Everybody’s Fine available to own.

When his children bail on a family reunion at the last minute, recent widower Frank (Robert De Niro) decides to pay them each a visit. During his effort to reconnect with his family, Frank finds out that the joyful and happy lives they’ve told him about aren’t entirely accurate.

With a cast including De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Sam Rockwell, and Kate Beckinsale, Everybody’s Fine is a DVD that’ll be hard to pass up. The disc will cost you $29.99 and comes with some deleted and extended scenes, as well as “The Making of Paul McCartney’s '(I Want to) Come Home.'” Oddly, there’s no Blu-ray addition to trade in more cash for more material. Of course, Everybody’s Fine isn’t the type of film you must see in the clarity of Blu-ray, but it is odd for a wide-release film not to be available on both formats.

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