Exploitation flicks are undergoing something of a small renaissance these past few years. Tarantino kicked off the ride with countless references in his films before finally going whole-hog and teaming up with Robert Rodriguez to embrace the genre outright with Grindhouse. That gave birth to Machete, and more recently to Rutger Hauer as the titular Hobo with a Shotgun. Still, originality is a rare commodity these days, so the genre has also been revisited by the Hollywood Remake Wagon. This past October, one of the most infamous exploitation movies of all time was updated and introduced a whole new generation to the memorably named I Spit on Your Grave.

Even if you haven't ever seen either version, you have almost certainly seen the iconic poster (see above). Both incarnations follow a young woman who is brutally attacked and raped by several men, and who then launches into what Kill Bill's The Bride called a "roaring rampage of revenge." Anchor Bay will be releasing both the 2010 remake and the 1978 original on Blu-ray and DVD February 8th, the first time the original has ever been released on Blu-ray. Because if there's anything that demands high visual quality, it's vengeful penis severings.

Anchor Bay has sent along two clips from the extras, featuring interviews with 1978 version director Meir Zarchi and 2010 version actor Rodney Eastman. We've also thrown in the trailer for the original movie in all its grindhouse-y goodness.

1978 Original Trailer

Meir Zarchi Interview

Rodney Eastman Interview

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