The Mechanic had success written all over it. It was a remake of a well-liked older film, and it featured the always likeable Jason Statham and the seriously charming Ben Foster. The failure of The Mechanic could have something to do with the competition between movies in the theater at the same time, including No Strings Attached and The Rite, or even a change-up of the original ending. Unfortunately, its failure has only served to harm those who did love the film and will be buying a copy.

When a movie doesn’t make money, the studio can go one of two ways: it can opt to go over-the-top with special features, hoping the special stuff will encourage every single die-hard and casual fan of the film to pick a copy up (see: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World). Or, it can cut its losses and toss in only a few feeble extras in the attempt to save on costs. When The Mechanic hits DVD and Blu-Ray on May 17th, it will come with deleted scenes and a featurette about the stunts in the film.

The extras may not be much of a draw, but who are we kidding? It’s all about Statham being Statham, anyway.

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