Minka Kelly is hot. She’s so attractive it’s almost excusable Dax Shepard’s engaged character on Parenthood cheated on his fiancé for her. Okay, not excusable, but I see how it happened. That being said, the perception of Minka Kelly in Hollywood seems to be her characters must bring drama into any on-screen environment. There’s the Parenthood reference I just mentioned, then on Friday Night Lights she also cheats, this time on her fiancé. Which brings us to The Roommate, where Minka Kelly, as college freshman Sarah Matthews, doesn’t bring the drama, but is delved into some.

Even though Kelly and fellow co-lead Leighton Meester are both fine to look at, I still can’t give gung ho support for it’s DVD and Blu-Ray release, which will hit stores on May 17. However, I do recognize The Roommate made money at the box office, so it’s possible I’m in the minority here.

For those of you who are excited about the release, the Blu-Ray and DVD will come with commentary from Director Christian E. Christiansen, an alternate opening sequence, and deleted scenes. In extension, Blu-Ray copies will also come with three featurettes, including a “Making of” segment and one discussing a “new generation of stars.” MovieIQ+Sync will also be available. Since the features don’t seem too spectacular, and the budget was small enough that Blu-Ray($34.95) picture quality isn’t a huge concern, I might just opt for the much cheaper DVD ($28.95) on this one.

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