I haven't exactly been shy about the fact that I don't get the whole Boondock Saints phenomenon. To put a finer point on it, I think the first movie was bad, the sequel was awful, and writer/director Troy Duffy is an incredibly annoying human being who thinks he's way more talented and original than he actually is.

But hey, it takes all kinds, am I right?

So, for all you Boondock Saints fans out there -- and I have no doubt you are out there, and will soon be making yourselves known in the comments -- I bring the presumably exciting news that The Boondock Saints is getting a new Blu-ray release this summer. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced a June 14th street date for the two-disc The Boondock Saints (Truth and Justice Edition). It will include both the R-rated and unrated director's cut of the flick, plus a bunch of bonus features as outlined below. Good luck with all that.

Disc One
  • Feature Film
    • Theatrical Version
    • Unrated Directors Cut
  • Special Features:
    • ALL-NEW! The Boondock Saints -- The Film and the Phenomenon
    • Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Troy Duffy
    • Audio Commentary with Actor Billy Connolly
    • Outtakes
    • Theatrical Trailer
    • Deleted Scenes
Disc Two
  • Digital Copy

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