I’m a little disappointed with my own interviewing skills. Recently, I got the chance to interview director Mikael Hafstrom about his upcoming film 1408. Because I’m so heavily involved in DVDs, I almost always ask about what we can expect from a DVD release of a film, but I forgot the question this time – and there was something to actually talk about. Fortunately, Bloody Disgusting got the scoop on the eventual 1408 DVD release.

The big piece of news is that there were actually two endings filmed for the adaptation of Stephen King’s short story, revealed by cast member Mary McCormack. Hafstrom confirmed that the ending was reshot because the first ending was too much of a downer. While that makes me worry a little bit as far as the film itself goes, at least we’ll be able to see the original ending on the DVD, as confirmed by Hafstrom. The director also confirmed that there will be numerous deleted scenes on the DVD release.

The idea of deleted footage doesn’t surprise me. Hafstrom told me one of the biggest obstacles with the film is that the majority of it is one person alone in a hotel room. I’m sure they deleted quite a bit of material to keep the pacing of the film up as skeptic Mike Enslin (John Cusack) attempts to discredit or discover the horrifying truth between room 1408.

1408 hits theaters June 22nd. No word on the DVD release yet, so this news is definitely an advance look.

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