It’s a well-known ploy. Want to get your low-budget film on the radar? Cast some celebrities. Any celebrities. Even if they’re third-tier or lower, they’re still more famous than your core cast, and that means people might take notice who wouldn’t otherwise. People like, for instance, your friendly neighborhood blenders of cinema. Yes, I’m single-handedly proving my own point, because there’s probably no way I’d be discussing MTI Home Video’s new teen sex comedy Hooking Up if they hadn’t gone and cast Corey Feldman, Bronson Pinchot, and Brian “Clerks” O’Halloran.

Hooking Up follows the ins and outs (ahem) of a group of teens navigating the world of sex, relationships, and rainbow parties. Ah, rainbow parties. It was just a matter of time until some filmmaker latched onto that Oprah-fed urban legend. It certainly caught the attention of thousands of tut-tutting soccer moms a few years back, but I doubt they’re the target audience here. Although maybe I’m underestimating the sex appeal of Bronson Pinchot amongst the middle-aged crowd. All those Meposian buttock pinches must have done him some good, after all.

Hooking Up is coming exclusively to DVD December 8th for $24.95. It’s arriving in a comedy-standard unrated cut, so you can look forward to ogling the breasts of several young actresses you’ve never heard of, if that’s your sort of thing. You’ll also get more special features than you'll know what to do with, including a behind-the-scenes documentary, interviews, deleted and extended scenes, outtakes, bloopers, an “anatomy of a scene” featurette, and something called “The Large Pepperoni Pizza.” Here’s the redband trailer.

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