The movie adaptation of DOA: Dead or Alive is finally headed for DVD. This shouldn’t come as much of a shock. After all, for the longest time it was expected the movie would be a straight-to-DVD release, bypassing theaters altogether. This was partly due to quality and partly due to Jaime Pressly’s rising career. With her My Name Is Earl success, some people thought DOA would be buried.

Actually, it’s the exact opposite. Of the seven stills I was sent promoting the upcoming September 11th DVD release, two were box shots (see below) and five were of Pressly’s bikini-clad opening scene (see right). Like it or not, Pressly is the poster child of the movie, above her other attractive co-stars, Devon Aoki, Holly Valance, or Sara Carter.

The DVD is being released under a new “Dimension Extreme” banner. No doubt that refers to the combat sequences of the movie, because it certainly doesn’t apply to the bonus material. As of right now the only reported material on the disc are some deleted scenes and a featurette about the action of DOA.

Take a look at the cover art below. DOA: Dead or Alive hits DVD on September 11th.

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