With Dollhouse currently winding down two hours a time on Fox Friday nights, there are a lot of depressed Whedon fans out there. No more multiple-personality brilliance from Enver Gjokaj! No more fetish-tastic Eliza Dushku! No more villainous Alan Tudyk (no, V most certainly does not count)! It's enough to open up those old Firefly scars. What could possibly bring us out of this funk? Howzabout a musical?

Not a new musical, mind you. Well, not entirely. For those folks who didn't pick up Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on DVD, you might not know about the "musical commentary" feature that was included with the set. Aptly titled "Commentary The Musical," it featured the cast and crew livening up the usual behind-the-scenes discussion through the healing power of song. It's developed such a following that apparently now they're putting out a soundtrack. You read that right: they're releasing a soundtrack based on a special feature based on an internet musical based on Whedon and friends having a bunch of free time during the writers' strike. If this keeps up we can expect a musical based on Commentary The Musical's liner notes sometime next year.

We don't have any specifics yet, but the Dr. Horrible twitter feed has hinted that the soundtrack may be out in time for Christmas. In the meantime, you can listen to the songs over at the official YouTube channel.

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