The second chapter in Joss Whedon’s epic new online project Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is online… and it still doesn’t come with sheet music. Am I the only one who went into this thing expecting to sing with the video? It is called a Sing-Along after all. I did my vocal exercises and everything.

You can find Act Two online right now over at Dr. Horrible’s website, though odds are you’ll find the server there extremely slow and overloaded. As an alternative, it’s also available for purchase over on iTunes. If you don’t want to wait for the free version to stream properly, you can pay $1.99 and get it there. I went for the full three-episode package on iTunes, which you can get for only $3.99.

So what’s up with Dr. Horrible in his newest episode? Check out my quick review and recap below, and for our episode 1 recap, click here:

When last we left him, Captain Hammer had stolen Horrible's girl by taking credit for saving her away from Dr. Horrible. We join Horrible still stinging from his latest defeat, but determined to carry out his evil plan. There’s a tremendous song here, in which Horrible and his crush Penny sing in opposing harmonies, with Horrible moaning about the evil on the rise inside him, while Penny sings about the harmony on the rise inside her. It’s stunning, and much better than anything you’re likely to see in Mamma Mia! this weekend. Who knew Neil Patrick could sing like this? Wow.

With the song over, we don’t actually see the evil plan in action, but we do see the blog he does in the aftermath. Apparently, Captain Hammer and the LA P.D. are viewers of his video blog, and were there waiting for him. Hammer threw a car at him, and stopped deployment of the freeze ray.

Now Dr. Horrible’s only way into the Evil League of Evil is to murder someone. But who? While Horrible ponders this question, he head to the Laundromat to do a white load and encounters his dream girl Penny. They share frozen yogurt, Penny talks about her new boyfriend Captain Hammer. Horrible impales himself with a spork. Hammer shows up, pretends not to know Horrible while Penny is around, but behind her back tells Horrible he’s going to date Penny to hurt him. Apparently he’s not called Captain Hammer because of his fists. Insert Nathan Fillian airhump here!

Threatened but determined, Act two ends with Horrible deciding who he’ll kill. It’s Captain Hammer, and this episode ends with another amazing vocal number from NPH.

I wasn’t entirely sold on this thing after the first Act, but in Act 2, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog really has started hitting its stride. I’m really starting to love what Whedon is doing here, and the only disappointing thing is that there’s only one episode more to go. Watch for Act 3 to hit on Saturday, July 19th, after which it ceases to be available for free and you’ll have to pay up if you want to watch it. Or maybe you’ll just pay up out of appreciation, because if Act 3 is as good as Act 2, it’ll be deserved.

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