Matt Groenig’s other (and funnier) animated series, the one that’s not The Simpsons, is getting a movie… sort of. If you count direct to DVD that is. I don’t. Let’s just call this a “feature”. The show was cancelled several years ago, and has lived on in late-night re-runs shown on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim every since. It belongs back on television as a regular series (might I recommend replacing American Dad/), but until then at least Fox is giving us this.

Futurama’s first direct-to-DVD adventure is called Futurama: Bender’s Big Score, and is one of four such features Fox has planned. It hits DVD on November 27th, and here’s how Fox describes it: “In this all-new, feature-length epic, evil nudist aliens send Bender on a rampage through time, forcing him — slightly against his will — to steal all of Earth's priceless historic treasures. Will the heroic Planet Express crew save the planet? Will Leela find true love? Will the ancient and terrible secret of Fry's buttocks be exposed? All will be revealed in Futurama: Bender’s Big Score, the greatest adventure of our time, and also the greatest adventure of several other times! In the words of a certain beer-fueled robot . . . “We're back, baby!”

Yep, sounds like Futurama. Prepare to laugh off your ass.

In addition to the feature they’re including various commentary tracks with the cast and crew, a “Futurama” mind shattering math lecture; character and design sketches, deleted scenes, and TV commercials from the future. Also included is an animated spoof promo for a Bender and Al Gore version of An Inconvenient Truth. The DVD is supposed to be environmentally friendly so Gore is actually providing his own voice for it. More importantly, there’s also a full new episode of Futurama on the disc. It’s called “Everybody Loves Hypnotoad”. Heck, I’d buy the DVD just for the new ep. This much content may put me into a coma of the future.

    Bonus Features • Commentary By Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, Billy West, John DiMaggio, Phil LaMarr, Claudia Katz, Dwayne Carey-Hill and Ken Keeler
    • Futurama Returns! A Live Comic Book Reading By The Futurama Cast Featurette
    • Everybody Loves Hypnotoad – A Spellbinding Episode Of The Future’s Most Popular TV Program
    • A Terrifying Message From Al Gore – Animated Promo For An Inconvenient Truth
    o Video Commentary by Al Gore, Matt Groening and David X. Cohen
    • Bite My Shiny Metal X – A Mind-Shattering Futurama Math Lecture Featurette
    • Bender’s Big Score: The Original First Draft Of The Script Featurette
    • New Character/Design Sketches
    • Original Five-Minute Comic-Con Promo
    • Deleted Scenes
    o Monte Carlo
    o Robot Mafia
    o Limbo Contest

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