Dance your cares away/Worry’s for another day/Let the music play/Down at Fraggle Rock.

Although it’s been over 20 years since the last episode of Jim Henson’s landmark series, Fraggle Rock left the air, that theme song is still rattling around in my brain. It may start rattling harder if I plunk down $139.98 and get The Fraggle Rock Complete Series Collection when it hits DVD on November 4th.

The series, which ran on HBO from 1983 to 1987, followed the exploits of the Fraggles, cave dwelling Muppet characters who sang and danced most of the day away. While a wide variety of characters were included, the series featured five main Fraggles; Bobo, Wembley, Red, Mokey, and Boober. The four seasons featured 96 episodes and 100 original songs, all of which are collected on this 20-disc set.

This is, obviously, a huge set and the material lasts 47 hours. Season 4 has never been on DVD before, so this is the first time you can get the entire output of this popular series. There are also a selection of featurettes and other extras. Check below to see all you get and a view of the DVD box is on the right.

    DVD Extras
  • “Let the Music Play” featurette
  • “Directing the Fraggles” featurette
  • “The Inner Gorg”: Interviews with performers inside the costumes
  • “Designing the Puppets”: Interviews with puppetmakers
  • You Cannot Leave the Magic: Last day of Shooting
  • Celebrating Fraggle Rock: Excerpts from wrap party, featuring Jim Henson
  • Dance Your Cares Away: Evolution of Fraggle Rock Theme Song
  • Original Fraggle Rock illustration poster

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