It all started with a tweet. Last month, Edgar Wright mentioned that he was doing director's commentary for Don't, suggesting the existence of something that fans have been waiting two years for: a Grindhouse box set. Official word finally came down about two weeks later that the box set was actually coming and was set for an October 5th release date (strange considering Machete hits theaters on September 3rd). Now, however, it seems more real than ever: the details and box art have been released and they are glorious.

JoBlo has gotten its mitts on the layout of the upcoming Blu-ray release and it's everything you could possibly ask for. In addition to finally delivering the full Grindhouse experience on disc one (the full 3+ hour cut), Disc 2 is packed with extras for every little part of the film, including extended cuts of Don't and Werewolves of The S.S., posters, another installment of Robert Rodriguez's 10-Minute Cooking School and much more. The only peculiar part is that it doesn't seem to include the original fake trailer for Machete, but that may very well be a typo. Check out the details below or head over to Amazon where the package is already available for pre-order.
Grindhouse Feature Planet Terror
Intermission Cards
Don’t trailer
Werewolf Women of the SS trailer
Thanksgiving trailer
Grindhouse Feature Death Proof

Planet Terror
Robert Rodriguez’s 10-Minute Cooking School
The Badass Babes Of Planet Terror
The Guys Of Planet Terror
Casting Rebel
Sickos, Bullets And Explosions: The Stunts Of Planet Terror
The Friend, The Doctor And The Real Estate Agent
Poster Gallery

Intermission Cards
Don't Trailer
Werewolf Women of the S.S Trailer
Thanksgiving Trailer
Extended Werewolf Women Of The SS Trailer
View Extended Cut Of Werewolf Women Of The SS Trailer With Commentary By Director Rob Zombie
The Making Of Werewolf Women Of The SS Trailer
Extended Don't Trailer
View Extended Cut Of Don't Trailer With Commentary By Director Edgar Wright
The Making Of Don't Trailer
Don't Storyboard/Trailer Comparison
View Don't Storyboard/Trailer Comparison With Commentary By Director Edgar Wright
Don't Storyboards Still Gallery
Don't Poster
The Making Of Thanksgiving Trailer

Death Proof
Hot Rods of Death Proof
From Texas to Tennessee, The Look of Death Proof
New York Times Talks With Quentin Tarantino and Lynn Hirschberg
Comic Con 2006 Featuring the Directors and Cast of Grindhouse
Stunts on Wheels: The Legendary Drivers of Death Proof
Quentin’s Greatest Collaborator: Editor Sally Menke
The Guys Of Death Proof
Kurt Russell As Stuntman Mike
Finding Quentin’s Gals
The UnCut Version of “Baby, It’s You” Performed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Introducing Zoe Bell
Extended Music
Poster Gallery

Additional Bonus Features
New York Times Talk with Quention Tarantino and Lynn Hirschberg
Comic Con 2006 Featuring The Directors And Cast Of Grindhouse
Hobo With A Shotgun Produced by Rob Cotterill Directed By Jason Eisner Grindhouse Trailer Contest Winners

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