Quentin Tarantino did quite a number on me with Kill Bill. The first movie in the divided story disappointed me while still impressing me. I loved the action but I felt the characterization that made Tarantino movies so interesting was lacking. Volume 2 made up for the characterization but left me thinking the whole thing would be much better in one sitting, like it was originally intended.

Since 2005 Tarantino has been promising fans exactly that: Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair. Since he couldn’t get backing to release the whole movie in one volume to theaters, this was intended to be a direct to DVD venture. Talk of it even kept me from picking up the separate Kill Bill volumes, waiting for the combined DVD set.

Well, that day might be coming soon, although I can’t find official word of it anywhere. The only tip off we have comes from JoBlo, who found a listing for the 4-DVD set on Amazon.com. In fact, that’s all that’s listed – the name, a 247-minute running time (the two movies combined), and a November 6th DVD release date. There’s not even a price – just a “We will e-mail you when this title becomes available” listing on the availability.

There’s no telling if this is a legitimate release right now. Studios are already announcing fourth quarter DVD releases, so if it’s real we should be getting word any time now. There’s also no telling if this is actually the two movies woven together, or just a set that includes both volumes. That might even be enough for me at this point, but I really want to see Tarantino put together the movie he originally planned.

More details as we get them.

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