It’s been two years since we’ve seen Jack Bauer, star character of 24, but the anti-terrorist agent hasn’t taken his time off screen to just bask in the sun and enjoy life. Instead the return of 24 is coming with a bang, and the first part of it is called 24: Exile, a made-for-tv movie that will bridge the gap between the last season and the new season, filling audiences in on Jack’s adventures during the four year time gap between season six and seven. 24: Exile will air on Fox on November 23rd, and the DVD release will follow closely on its heels, coming to stores two days later on November 25th.

Not only will the DVD follow quickly on the airing of the movie, but it will feature an extended “Creator’s Cut” of 24: Exile, with ten minutes of unaired footage, along with an exclusive sneak peek at Season 7 - the first 16 minutes of the new season’s first episode, a commentary track and more.

24: Exile finds Jack Bauer in the middle of an uprising in a small African nation where he has been doing missionary work. The ruthless dictator of the fictional nation of Sangala is using children as soldiers in his army, and it’s up to Jack Bauer to rescue the children. The fact that the events take place the same day a new U.S. President is being installed probably means something significant as well. 24: Exile stars new 24 cast members Cherry Jones (Signs), Robert Carlyle (Trainspotting), Gil Bellows (Aly McBeal), Tony Todd (Candyman), Jon Voight (National Treasure), and, of course, Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer.

Artwork isn’t available yet for the DVD release, but check out two images Fox has released in the gallery below the disc specs.

    DVD includes…
  • Extended Edition “Creator’s Cut” featuring over ten minutes of never-before-seen footage (not shown in the television broadcast version)
  • Behind-the-scenes “Making Of” documentary
  • ”Children of War” featurette
  • Cast / Crew Commentary
  • 24 Season 6 in Four Minutes” featurette
  • Season 7 Sneak Peek – First 16 minutes of the premiere episode

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