The number of sequels to classic movies being pushed out as low-budget DVD releases really boiled over this week. Just in the past day or so we’ve told you about direct to DVD low budget sequels to movies such as Lost Boys and The Goonies. It wouldn’t be so bad if any of these movies were any good, or if they weren’t preventing better movies from getting made, but they are. For instance in the case of The Goonies there’s long been talk of a real, legit theatrical release of the film hitting theaters, but now the studio has decided just to throw whatever out there on DVD and slap the Goonies name on it because it’s guaranteed to make money with minimal investment from them.

There’s no end in sight folks, it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better if the latest scoop from the guys over at Film Rot is to be believed. They’ve got another direct to DVD sequel to add to our growing and depressing list of complete and total franchise give-ups. Next up for direct to DVD soiling: Jaws.

What’s the motivation? Art? Big budget fun? Crowd pleasing effects? Nope. Money. According to their scooper they figure they can cut costs with discount CGI and churn a Jaws sequel out pretty easily. But aren’t we already overloaded with Shark Attack movies? FR claims the studio stance is, “Yes, but they're missing the one thing ours won't be! The Jaws title and the Jaws theme! We own them!” Basically they’re admitting here that it doesn’t matter what the movie is like, they’re just into making money off the name.

So, what can we expect from this piece of garbage straight-to-DVD cash in? Something made to cater to teens who don’t know or care to know any better. “You know? Teens in peril? That sort of thing?”

This folks, is incredibly shortsighted. Let me tell you why. Yes, you’ll make some quick cash in the short term. But what about the long term? Look at the American Pie franchise. There was a time when American Pie was regarded as one of those seminal, classic teen comedies. It got brilliant reviews when it came out, and it was spoken in the same breath with movies like Something About Mary. Now, years later, after a slew of horrible direct-to-dvd sequels and mediocre theatrical sequels American Pie is a joke. The whole thing, not just the sucky movies. When people think American Pie they think shit movies and Eugene Levy selling out. That’s it. No one thinks about how great the first movie was, how cool the first movie was when it came out. They have completely, and utterly destroyed the American Pie reputation forever. The franchise is now dead, and any goodwill anyone may have felt for it is destroyed.

That’s where this is headed. Sure, you make a quick buck on straight-to-DVD garbage. But when it’s dried up you’ll never make another dollar again. You can squeeze your fans for every buck they’ve got now, but eventually even stupid teenagers catch on. You’re gonna pay Hollywood, and I hope it hurts.

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