Marvel has entered into the digital video realm, with a stop-motion animation series akin to Robot Chicken. The series is titled, “Marvel Super Heroes: What the --?!,” and is giving Marvel the chance to breathe some life into its characters in a new format.

The first video in the series hit YouTube today and features a seven minute storyline that sees Bobby Frost lose his Iceman powers and become a talk show host (“After all, it worked for Tyra.”)

There are a couple of funny moments in here, but all in all it kind of loses the spontaneity and talent of Robot Chicken. After all, this is Marvel taking on their own characters, which means some of the less respectful humor is absent here. Add in that Robot Chicken was co-created by Seth Green, who has brought in the vocal talents of a bunch of his friends over the course of the series, and the comparison definitely falls in Robot Chicken’s favor. Still, there’s something about seeing the Punisher threaten Kingpin that works here.

Check out the first episode below:

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