Sean Bean plays one hell of a villain, something filmmakers took full advantage of earlier this year in The Hitcher, a suspense/thriller remake of the 1986 cult picture. In the film Sean Bean terrorizes a young couple who make the mistake of messing with the wrong drifter. Universal has announced that The Hitcher is headed for DVD on May 1st. What a way to usher in the new month!

The film is produced by the same team that brought you the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake – in other words, a team that knows how to take cult movie ideas and fill them with blood, gore, and suspense.

The May 1st DVD release is full of bonus materials that make the DVD look pretty interesting:

Edge-of-Your-Seat Bonus features
  • Dead End – Wake up with Zach Knighton in his hotel room on the day of his character's big death scene.
  • Road Kill: The Ultimate Car Crash – Comprehensive footage of the amazing, hard-hitting car stunts featured in the film.
  • Fuel Your Fear: The Making of The Hitcher – This fascinating featurette goes behind closed doors with the filmmakers to find out how they created the tension and terror of The Hitcher.
  • Chronicles Of A Killer – Follow the murderous rampage of an evil and cunning serial murderer with mock news stories that follow in John Ryder’s blood-drenched footsteps.
  • Deleted Scenes

  • Check out the case art for The Hitcher below:

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