Flashback, 1996. Richard Gere stars as Martin Vail, a hotshot attorney. Vail takes on the case of young Aaron Stampler (Ed Norton), an altar boy accused of murdering a Chicago archbishop. What begins as an unwinnable case gets complicated after Vail discovers that the murdered archbishop has ties to a corrupt land scheme and may have molested young parishioners. On top of that, his client is diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder. You just can’t believe everything you see.

But you can believe this; on March 10th Paramount Home Entertainment will release Primal Fear: Hard Evidence Edition on DVD and Blu-ray. This special edition boasts some brand new bonus material including “A Star Witness: Edward Norton” during which Norton reminisces over his role. There’s also commentary by director Greg Hoblit, writer Ann Biderman, producer Gary Lucchesi, executive producer Hawk Koch and casting director Deborah Aquila. The special features continue with “Primal Fear: The Final Verdict,” “The Psychology of Guilt” and the original theatrical trailer. Another bonus is that the box art looks like a clear evidence bag. Cool!

When you’re up against Cuba Gooding Jr. for Jerry Maguire, there’s just no way you’ll get your hands on the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. And that’s exactly what happened to poor Edward Norton. Oh well, at least he snagged the Golden Globe award for his role. If crime thrillers are your thing, then pick up Primal Fear on DVD for $14.99 or Blu-ray for $29.99 March 10th.

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