Here’s one of those rare movies that sounds incredibly intriguing, but I’ve heard next to nothing about: Renaissance. The comes to DVD on July 24th and is being billed as being in the same vein as Blade Runner, Minority Report, and Sin City, all movies which I love. Of course, comparing it to those three movies makes me wonder – what do you get when you cross Phillip K. Dick and Frank Miller?

The animated science fiction thriller stars the voice talent of Daniel Craig (Casino Royale, Ian Holm (Lord of the Rings), Catherine McCormack (Braveheart), and Jonathan Pryce (Pirates of the Caribbean). The movie takes place in Paris in 2054, in a future where all life is recorded. Detective Barthelemy Karas (Craig) finds himself in a world of corporate malfeasance and genetic research while searching for a kidnapped scientist. The black and white animated story used motion capture technology and took five years to make.

The DVD is rather slim, with only the feature and a making of Renaissance featurette, but the movie concept itself is interesting enough for me to give it a look. Take a look at the box art below. Miramax releases Renaissance on July 24th.

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