Yesterday I was a little rough on devoted science fiction fans so today I’m making up for it. Browncoats – I’m sorry. While “Firefly” wasn’t able to reach the same level of influence on the world of sci-fi that “Babylon 5” did, it wasn’t for lack of trying. “Firefly” just had the unfortunate luck to be picked up by Fox – yes, Fox, the network that doesn’t believe in giving any worthwhile show a decent chance (don’t believe me? See “Drive” vs. “Bones” and “Greg the Bunny” vs. “Stacked”).

“Firefly” did manage one major accomplishment most other sci-fi shows short of Trek can’t claim – a major motion picture. Now Serenity might not have performed well at the box office but, true to form for Browncoats, the DVD sales have been pretty solid – so solid, in fact, that Universal is hitting the franchise up for a special edition two disc collector’s edition release.

Lets face it, we knew this was coming. I even stated in my 2005 DVD review that the existing release was less than stellar and that fans deserved more. Now we get it. Joss Whedon commentary? Check – not just one, but two commentaries in fact. One with Whedon and one with Whedon and cast members Nathan Fillion (who deserves a commentary track all his own), Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau, and Ron Glass. Whedon also provides an introduction track, comments on deleted and extended scenes, and is most likely the base for nine announced additional extras:

  • Take a Walk on Serenity
  • Green Clan
  • We’ll have a Fruity Oaty Good Time!
  • A Filmmaker’s Journey
  • Future History: The Story of Earth That Was
  • Re-lighting the Firefly
  • What’s in a Firefly
  • Session 416
  • Sci-Fi Inside: Serenity

    My quips and low blows aside, I loved Serenity and, while I joined the “Firefly” movement too late to be considered a die hard fan, I’m glad to see the franchise continuing to live, even if it is in re-releases and double dips. This Collector’s Edition, due out on August 21st, is definitely on my “must pick up” list.

    Take a look at the cool artwork below:

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