From the beginning, McG has promised fans a gritty, R-rated Terminator movie. Unfortunately that gritty, R-rated movie he promised has been edited down by the studio to suit a teen-friendly PG-13. That means all the hardcore, Terminator-like things McG has been promising (in particular the Sarah Connor like nudity from Moon Bloodgood), will not be in the movie. It may however, be on the DVD.

Moviehole caught up with McG and he talked, specifically about that nude scene. Though what applies to it will almost certainly apply to a lot of the other not suitable for PG-13 things which must surely have been cut to get a family friendlier rating. What’s more if it’s there, you can probably thank the actress whose bits and pieces you’ll be seeing. Says McG, “I suspect it will be on the DVD because Moon has a very sophisticated, third wave feminist take on why she made that choice.”

If you’re looking for a real Terminator movie, an action movie for adults the way the franchise up till now has always been, you might be better off skipping the theater and waiting around at home, until Warner Bros. releases the whole thing the way it was meant to be seen. In fact, McG tells Collider the DVD may contain as much as 30 or 40 minutes of deleted footage. Whether that will actually be integrated back into the movie or if it’ll just be tacked on as an extra, remains to be seen. I’m hoping for a proper, unrated Director’s Cut.

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