Sandra Bullock seemed to vanish for a while there, but she was back in a big way in 2009, starring in no fewer than three movies this year (that'd be The Proposal, All About Steve, and The Blind Side, if you're wondering). I haven't seen any of them, but if I get a sudden, overpowering urge to watch a Sandra Bullock romantic comedy anytime soon -- and if Two Weeks Notice isn't playing anywhere on cable that particular moment -- I can always pick up All About Steve on Blu-ray or DVD as of tomorrow. Or I could watch something else instead, which is admittedly a lot more likely.

But just because my tolerance for romantic comedies is limited to those with Richard Curtis' name in the credits, that doesn't mean there isn't an audience out there for Sandra Bullock's compelling mix of loveable eccentricity and doe-eyed romance. Besides, All About Steve has a secret weapon, and I don't mean that guy from The Hangover. As you'll see in our behind-the-scenes clip below, that weapon is Mr. Thomas Haden Church. Let us forget for the moment that the last thing many of us saw him in was the worst of the Spider-Man films. Let us instead remember the comedic powerhouse from Wings and the woefully underrated Smart People. Even if you don't fall for the story of eccentrically single crossword-puzzle writer Mary's quest to win the heart of CNN cameraman Steve, at least you've still got Thomas Haden Church rocking the screen as a smug network reporter. And if ever there was a man perfectly formed to play a smug network reporter, I submit that that man is Thomas Haden Church.

Here's a clip from the disc's special features, showing Thomas Haden Church being fake-interviewed by fake news show "Hollywood Dish with Mena Micheletti." Just look at that man. He's an American treasure, damn it.

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