Intriguing news for Roddenberry completionists and the curious: as part of their manufacture-on-demand program, Warner Home Video has made two little-seen Gene Roddenberry pilots available starting this week. You can bring home your very own DVD copy of Genesis II or Planet Earth for $19.95 each, or you can get both for $29.95.

Roddenberry fans may feel a little déjà vu upon reading the product descriptions for these two post-Trek pilots, starting with the name of the protagonist in both shows: Dylan Hunt. Hunt was of course the name of Kevin Sorbo’s starship captain in the 2000 series Andromeda, which followed in the footsteps of Earth: Final Conflict as a new show developed from Roddenberry’s notes and concepts. It should be noted that these pilots haven’t been remastered, so don’t expect crystal-clear quality.

Here’s what Warners has to say about each of these pilots on DVD, plus a pair of video clips.

Genesis II

“My name is Dylan Hunt. My story begins the day on which I died.” Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, brings fans another enthralling tale of the future. Set in a time between now and the era of the starship Enterprise, Genesis II follows Hunt (Alex Cord), who awakes after 154 years of suspended animation into a post-apocalyptic world that’s torn between the peace-loving citizens of Pax and the militaristic, mutant Tyranians. Both want Hunt to join their cause. But the Tyranians have two cruel weapons to persuade Hunt: a device of torture called a stim. And an alluring mutant (Mariette Hartley) with two navels…and one ice-cold heart.

Planet Earth

The time: the 22nd century. The place: the Confederacy, a matriarchy where men are enslaved and impotent. The hero: Dylan Hunt (John Saxon), a handsome, vigorous 20th-century scientist awakened from suspended animation – just the “breeder” a Confederacy dominatrix (Diana Muldaur) has been waiting for! In this sequel to Genesis II, Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek) puts a reverse spin on women’s lib in an action-filled tale set in a gleaming world of futuristic cities, underground sub shuttles, palm-sized computers, and skintight uniforms. Can Hunt defy the Confederacy and free his downtrodden fellow males, or is he doomed to slavery on Planet Earth?

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