As much as I look forward to Pixar’s movies hitting theaters, I almost look forward to them hitting DVD more. After all, on DVD I can watch the movie as much as I want to, plus there’s always some added short film for my enjoyment. I’ll admit, Mike’s New Car wasn’t a huge selling point for Monsters, Inc for me, but with each release I’ve enjoyed the short more and more. Ratatouille’s Your Friend, The Rat and The IncrediblesJack Jack Attack were fantastic additions to the original movies.

Pixar is working on these shorts earlier these days. In fact, they already have the short for Wall-E’s DVD release finished. The short was produced at the same time as the movie according to a discussion slashfilm had with director Andrew Stanton, and Pixar Planet reports that some of the orchestra was brought back to record the score.

The short for the DVD is titled Burn-E and follows a robot by the name of Burn-E on his adventure. No other information has been released, so we’re not sure how that ties in with Wall-E’s story, but it’s cool to know the DVD bonus materials are already being worked on.

Wall-E hits theaters this week. No official release date has been given for the DVD (and most likely Blu-ray) release yet.

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