The exciting new massive, Superman: Ultimate Collectors Edition set has been in the works over at Warner Brothers for awhile now. It’s supposed to be an incredible set, containing nearly everything about all the Superman films you could ever want including the new Richard Donner cut of Superman II. It finally arrives this Tuesday, but hold on a minute cape fans, you might not want to buy it.

The guys over at DVD Active have uncovered a massive problem with the set. They’ve included the wrong version of Superman III.

WB’s plan was to include the special Superman III: Deluxe Edition in their Ultimate Collectors set, and their advertisements say it’ll be there. But it’s not. Due to an error, the set is coming without the Deluxe Edition of Superman III or any of the commentary, additional scenes, or featurettes promise. Instead, Warner Brothers has accidentally used the inferior version of the film found on its 2001 DVD release. Big whoops.

Smaller whops… they’ve also forgotten the 1978 Dolby Soundtrack for Superman: The Movie promised in the set’s adage.

Since it hits shelves in just a couple of days and is thus probably already on the trucks, there’s no way for Warners to correct it. Now maybe there’s no reason to panic if you’re a completist. Though there’s been no announcement from the WB yet, it seems likely that they’ll provide a replacement disc at some point, if only to avoid legal ramifications. And besides, this is Superman III we’re talking about and not one of the good ones. But, it’s also not the worst one either. Why couldn’t it have been Superman IV they screwed up on? Now there’s a Supes film which REALLY doesn’t matter.

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