We’ve told you before about the Watchmen tie-in DVD release, Tales of the Black Freighter, which adapts a separate storyline from the graphic novel into an animated story. That’s apparently not the only Watchmen tie-in Warner Brothers is shooting for. Three days before the graphic novel adaptation hits theaters, you can pick up a digital version of the comic on DVD or Blu-ray.

The digital version of Watchmen has been available on iTunes for some time now, so the studio is throwing in a few incentives to get fans to pick up the Watchmen Motion Comic on a solid state. First of all, regardless of which version you buy, you get $7.50 in Movie Cash towards seeing Watchmen in theaters. If you get the Blu-ray version of the Watchmen Motion Comic, you get even more though - included as an extra is the “Prison Break” scene from Watchmen the movie, which you’ll get to see three days before the movie hits theaters. Also included on both versions is a sneak peek of the upcoming Wonder Woman animated movie.

The Watchmen Motion Comic comes to stores on March 3rd.

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