One of the things I love about DVD and Blu-ray is the chance to experience older movies I’ve never seen before. I know that sentence sounds pretty silly, but it’s easy to walk into a video store and overlook thousands of movies. When you start seeing older movies get new releases on new formats, however, they tend to get a little more attention. Movies I otherwise would have overlooked are suddenly pushed onto my horizon, ready for me to check out.

Yentl is the latest of these movies to get a new release, with a newly announced “director’s edition” coming to 2-disc DVD in February. Notice that’s a “director’s edition,” which is different from a “director’s cut.” In this case, the edit of the film is exactly the same as the one that’s been out for nearly twenty-five years, but the added content comes from the director, in this case, Barbra Streisand. Look for her original concept reel, deleted scenes, comparisons between rehearsals and the final product, and more.

If you don’t know the story of Yentl, you’re missing out. The film stars Streisand as a young girl whose father passes away. Her father had started secretly teaching her in the Talmud, which goes against her people’s traditions. Wanting to carry on her studies, Yentl disguises herself as a young boy and attempts to continue her education, although an odd love triangle including the young girl and fellow cast members Mandy Patinkin and Amy Irving interferes. The movie received four Oscar nominations, including two for songs sung by Streisand in the title role.

Take a look at what you can expect to find on this two-disc Director’s Edition, due out February 3rd:

    Disc One:
  • Streisand Introduction #1
  • Commentary with Barbra Streisand and Executive Producer Rusty Lemorande
  • 11 Deleted Scenes

    Disc Two:
  • Barbra Streisand’s Introduction to Disc 2
  • Barbra Streisand’s Original Concept Reel (Streisand Introduction included) 

  • The Director’s Reed (Streisand Introduction included)
  • Rehearsal/Final Film Comparisons
  • Where is it Written? Rehearsal (Streisand Introduction included)
  • Where is it Written? Rehearsal/Final Film Comparison
  • No Wonder Rehearsal
  • No Wonder Rehearsal/Final Film Comparison
  • The Way He Makes Me Feel Rehearsal
  • The Way He Makes Me Feel/Final Film Comparison
  • No Wonder – Reprise Rehearsal
  • No Wonder – Reprise Rehearsal/Final Film Comparison
  • Tomorrow Night Rehearsal
  • Tomorrow Night Rehearsal/Final Film Comparison
  • Will Someone Ever Look at Me That Way? Rehearsal/Final Film Comparison 

  • Storyboard Montages for Musical Numbers
  • Deleted Number: The Moon and I (Streisand Introduction included)
  • Deleted Number: Several Sins a Day
  • Papa, Can You Hear Me?
  • A Piece of Sky
  • Tomorrow Night
  • Teaser Trailer
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Photo Gallery

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