High off of its nomination for Gwyneth Paltrow’s performance of “Coming Home,” Country Strong has been announced for a Blu-Ray and DVD release. The flick, from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, will hit the market on April 12th, and will feature Paltrow’s skills as a singer and Tim Mcgraw’s skills as an actor.

Neither are half bad in these against-type roles, but since Country Strong barely did better than fail at the box office, I don’t know if alright performances will be enough to get people to shell out the $34.95 Blu-Ray asking price. Luckily, Sony is throwing enough special features into the mix, if you are a fan, perhaps the price ain’t too bad.

The DVD will still come with a lot of extras, including the “original ending,” if you didn’t like what they gave you in the theatrical release. There will also be a music video of Sarah Evans performing “A Little Bit Stronger,” and one of Paltrow singing “Country Strong.” Finally, the DVD will include deleted scenes and an extended performance of the song “Shake That Thing.”

The Blu-Ray release will come with everything included on the DVD release, as well as several short segments. These featurettes will include information about the costumes, the cast, and the songwriters. Finally, the Blu-Ray will come with movieIQ+sync compatibility, featuring the Country Strong playlist.

The best deal here is the Blu-Ray release, because it includes the music, although in an inconvenient stream-on-your-TV format. The DVD listing price is barely cheaper at $28.95, and it comes with a lot less. Bet they would have sold a lot more copies if they had offered the soundtrack to everyone with the film.

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