With all the recent political and corporate matters consuming our lives, why not add another one? At least this one is fictional. First Look Studios will be releasing War, Inc. on DVD and Blu-ray October 14th.

This political satire focuses on Hauser (John Cusack), an assassin for hire who has been assigned to take out the oil minister of the country Turaqistan. The request is made by a former US Vice-President, now corporation CEO (Dan Aykroyd), who looks to monopolize the war-torn nation’s resources but cannot do so until the minister is removed from the picture. In order to carry out his contract and maintain his cover, Hauser must pose as the corporation’s trade show rep, organize the wedding of Central-Asian pop star Yonica Babyyeah (Hilary Duff), and stop a left-wing reporter (Marisa Tomei) from discovering the corporation’s secrets; all while fighting off his own demons and neurosis.

The only bonus material on this disc will be previews and subtitles, but ringing in the election with this movie will be a bonus in itself. With all the seriousness of the president election, a good satirical comedy may be just what we all need to stay upbeat amidst all the political sparring. So, after you register to vote (if you haven’t already), reward yourself and pick up War, Inc. on DVD or Blu-ray for $29.98.

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