Like it or not, the Lost Boys sequel The Tribe is coming. The more I see of it, the more it looks like it’s just remaking the original with more contemporary actors. There’s a new trailer on the official site for the movie, which just went live, and I swear there’s a couple more shots that look exactly like they were ripped from the first movie.

There’s still no Corey Haim sighting, but Corey Feldman is definitely a strong part of the ad campaign for this movie, from appearing in both trailers to being a part of the collage of floating heads on the website.

The one good thing about the trailer and the website is the use of “Cry Little Sister,” the theme song from The Lost Boys. Damn, I’d forgotten just how kick ass that song can be. It makes me want to pull out my old Lost Boys soundtrack and crank it up. That has the added benefit of letting me rock out to the song without having to put up with footage of has-been actors and wanna-be replacements.

Most of the new website is still offline, with new information “coming soon” and the link to sign up for e-mail updates taking you to a 404 page, but at least we finally have a release date. According to the official website, Lost Boys: The Tribe will come to DVD on July 29th.

Click to head over to the official Lost Boys: The Tribe website.

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