Still haven’t seen Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side? Considering it pulled in over $220 million worldwide, you’re just one of few. Don’t worry; it won’t be long until you can see the Golden Globe winner for Best Actress in a Drama in action. As reported by DVD Active, Warner Home Video will release The Blind Side on DVD and Blu-ray March 23rd.

Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) has little to live for. He’s poor, enormous, and has minimal education. That all changes one rainy night when Leigh Anne Tuohy (Bullock) invites Michael into her home and ultimately into her family. While pressuring him to work hard in the classroom, Leigh Anne also urges Michael to excel in other areas, namely football.

The Blind Side is a fantastic feel-good movie and deserves every ounce of attention it gets. What makes it that much more heartwarming is the fact that it’s based on the true story of a Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle. This is a must-buy for any football fan, as well as any person who can appreciate an astounding act of kindness.

The specs have yet to be finalized, but at the moment the DVD ($27.87) will not come with any bonus material. The BD ($35.99), on the other hand, will come with a Big Mike-sized special-features list. No word on the details, but we do know that it will be packing over an hour of exclusive material. My fingers are crossed that some of that hour will be spent exploring the real Michael Oher.

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