I’m not much of a fan of direct to DVD sequels. Rarely do they prove to be worthwhile follow ups to their original stories. In the case of The Butterfly Effect, not only was the sequel not worthy, it took the whole concept in some strange new direction that felt like we should have been watching a whole other movie entirely.

I guess enough people bought into the Ashton Kutcher-free sequel, because a third Butterfly Effect is coming. Bloody-Disgusting has gotten word of the picture, which will be directed by Anthony Leonardl, who is in final directions to helm the movie, which will be titled Butterfly Effect: Revelation.

Sadly, the story seems to be following the second Butterfly Effect more than the novel idea behind the original. Like the previous movies, the story will follow a young man who discovers he has the ability to travel in time. He attempts to use these powers to solve the mystery of his high school sweetheart’s death, but instead unleashes a vicious serial killer.

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