The RoboCop franchise has had a long and storied history since Paul Verhoeven's dark-humored original became an instant cult classic back in 1987. In the years that followed, we've had two sequels (co-scripted by comics legend Frank Miller, no less), a semi-crappy syndicated TV series, a cartoon, several made-for-TV movies, a couple of videogames, and almost a Darren Aronofsky-headed reboot. While none of what followed equaled the brutal, hyper-violent satire of the first film, there are probably plenty of RoboCop fans out there who will be excited to see the second and third films getting a high-def facelift. MGM Home Entertainment will release all three films on Blu-ray October 5th as the aptly titled RoboCop Trilogy set.

The press release from MGM is rather spartan, so it's unclear if the set will include any bonus features or if it's just a bare-bones affair. Unless you're a huge fan of the sequels, the $59.99 list price may be a bit steep to justify one good film and two so-so ones, but if you're a fan of the franchise and haven't picked up the original on Blu-ray yet, this might be one to toss onto your Christmas list. Stay tuned to this section and we'll let you know if we learn any further details about the set.

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