One of the reasons I don’t like the idea of remakes is that it damages some of the legacy of film. Younger fans of movies may never know who originally played a classic role, or at the very least will always compare the original with a more contemporary version. For instance: The Nutty Professor was not always an excuse for Eddie Murphy to don a fat suit and fart a lot. Before he had his take on the character, Jerry Lewis owned the part.

Now there’s an even newer version of The Nutty Professor - an animated tale, featuring the grandson of the original Nutty Professor. Years after Lewis’s character had his turn with his potion of confidence, grandson Harold Kelp finds the recipe and has his own adventures, learning the same lesson his grandfather learned - the importance of being true to yourself.

The animated adventure already gets a leg up on Eddie Murphy in my book by building on the original story, including having Jerry Lewis voice the aged Julius. Taking center stage for this animated adventure is Drake and Josh star Drake Bell, as Harold Kelp.

The animated Nutty Professor comes to DVD November 25th and I have to admit a bit of curiosity in seeing how this remake compares to both the original and the more familiar contemporary version. The disc will include a look at the science of animating The Nutty Professor as well as a character gallery.

Check out our own gallery of the animated adventure below.

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