THR is reporting today that Warner Bros. has teamed up with Facebook to expand the community features on the Blu-ray release of Watchmen. The new feature will allow Facebookers (Facebookies?) to sync up via BD-Live with their friends to watch the movie simultaneously and share commentary with each other.

All Facebook members will need to take part in this feature is a copy of the Watchmen Blu-ray disc and a Blu-ray player. Yes, it’s that easy! I’m sure all of your friends have converted to Blu-ray already, considering the fabulous economic situation we’re all in. This will add to BD-Live’s current community-based features that allow users to discuss a movie while viewing it through an online buddy list.

Now I like Facebook just as much as the next guy (at least until something cooler comes along in three months and everyone jumps ship), but my beef with this feature comes from the same place as my beef with the idea of movie theatres allowing theatre patrons to Twitter while watching a movie: I’m totally willing to pretend like I care about your opinion of a movie after watching it, but that tolerance does not hold up during the actual viewing. It’s like having a friend that loves talking during the movie except worse because that friend is talking in internet speak. LOL.

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