Sandra Bullock fans rejoice! Less than three months after The Proposal hit stores, you’ll get the chance to indulge in even more of her hilariously awkward moments with All About Steve. The latest in the Bullock menagerie of quirky romantic comedies hits DVD and Blu-ray December 22nd.

It’s love at first sight to the extreme. After Mary (Bullock) goes on a on a blind date with a news cameraman named Steve (Bradley Cooper), she decides he’s her soul mate. You’d be thrilled she’s found love, except Steve doesn’t feel the same way. Regardless, she decides to follow him around the country while he works in an effort to convince him that they’re meant to be together.

It’d be wrong to go on about this release without mentioning that it is one of the most poorly rated films of the year. Not only did CB’s Katey Rich give it a dismal review, but so did the majority of the critical community. Now that my conscience is clean, on to the extras. Both the DVD and BD have a meager selection of bonus material. It’s pretty much the usual feature commentary and deleted scenes, but there’s also a gag reel, which should be especially funny considering the cast.

When it comes to choosing between the BD and DVD, there’s no contest. Unless you’ve seen the film and know you love it, there’s no point in dropping $39.99 on the BD. While there’s a chance you’ll enjoy the film more than the lot, it’s not worth the risk when you can just get the DVD for $29.98. On top of that, you’re not even getting much more material for the additional dollars. Check out the full list of special features below.

  • Commentary by writer Kim Barker, Sandra Bullock, Thomas Haden Church, Bradley Cooper, Ken Jeong, and director Phil Traill
  • All About All About Steve
  • Nine Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel (with optional commentary)
  • Crew Snapshots To Mary’s Rap

All of the material on the DVD edition as well as ...
  • Take A Stab At Vocab!
  • Fox Movie Channel Presents Casting Session
  • Digital Copy of All About Steve

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