You thought we were done with all the Watchmen stuff, didn’t you? Get your wallets ready, because I’ve got another Watchmen release to tell you about, and this is a big one. On November 3rd you’ll have the chance to own The Ultimate Cut Multi-Disc Set on Blu-ray or DVD.

Both sets include a version of the film that integrates the animated Tale of the Black Freighter into the movie, creating an experience that closer resembles the graphic novel. There are also two new commentaries by director Zack Snyder and illustrator Dave Gibbons. The special-feature list boasts over two hours of bonus content, comprised of four featurettes and the “Watchmen Video Journals.” You’ll also get “Under the Hood,” a look at original Nite Owl Hollis Mason’s biography. On top of that, it comes with all 12 episodes of Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic and a digital copy of the theatrical feature. Exclusive to the Blu-ray edition will be connectivity to Facebook via BD-Live.

This is huge. Most of those who are fans of the original graphic novel but were displeased with the film complained about pivotal parts of the book missing from the film. Well, the ultimate cut has it all. The director’s cut may have had the additional 24 minutes, but this version adds in Tales of the Black Freighter, literally creating the ultimate Watchmen viewing experience in 215 minutes.

This set is perfect for any Watchmen fan, and by fan I don’t mean someone who just enjoyed the film. The Ultimate Cut Multi-Disc Set is for the hardcore fan; the fan that’s been with the story from the start. Watchmen was made for these diehard followers. I, being one of them, was thrilled with it; the people I went with, not so much. If you think you’ll truly benefit from getting the complete Watchmen experience, you should jump on the opportunity to spend the $43.87 on the five-disc DVD or the $59.99 on the four-disc BD.

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