Deathly Hallows Part 1, Due Date Added To Warners App Store

We've reported before about Warner Bros.' so-called "app editions" of some of the biggest movies. Now Warners has added two new films to their app catalogue: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 1 and Due Date.

Tekken Movie Coming To DVD

Anchor Bay Films and Manga Entertainment are slated to release the live-action Tekken movie on Blu-ray and DVD July 19th. In related news, holy shit, they made a Tekken movie.

The Fox And The Hound Celebrate With 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray

Disney loves nothing better than to re-release its movies, and on that front, they've never met an anniversary they didn't like. Case in point: the House of Mouse has announced an August release for The Fox and the Hound, timed to celebrate the film's 30th anniversary.

[REC] 2 Infects DVD This Summer

The horror genre has been wearing out the whole "found footage" concept ever since The Blair Witch Project became an unlikely hit back in 1999. If done right, the contained, almost claustrophobic nature of a single camera lens can be an extremely effective way to build mood and suspense...or it can just be a cheap gimmick. The 2007 horror flick [REC] tended toward the successful end of that spectrum.

Lincoln Lawyer To Give Opening Blu-Ray Argument In July

After the movie pretty well tanked at the box office, the disc's extras are going to be as sparse as a Spartan hillside. Both the DVD and Blu-ray versions will include deleted scenes, as well as three featurettes.

Rango's Blu-Ray Will Be The Better Purchase For Kids In July

There’s a certain faction of kids who are all over special features on a disc, especially if there is an interactive component. Dealing with a remote and processing information without parental guidance seems to be a way for kids to turn movie magic into a whole new experience. Disney’s been all over this since Blu-rays came to the forefront, but it seems as if Paramount is catching on.

Wal-Mart's Vudu Service Adds First Seasons Of Glee And Modern Family

The battle for your on-demand video dollar continues. Wal-Mart's entry into the race is its Vudu service, which allows you to choose from a large catalogue of high-def new releases and shows to rent or own. Now, The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Vudu is expanding its selection of TV content with the first seasons of hit shows Glee and Modern Family.

Eastbound And Down Gets Season 2, Blu-Ray Releases

Luckily, Eastbound and Down proves McBride can carry a show. If you haven’t seen it, Season 1 is already out on DVD. Even better, HBO Home Video, in conjunction with Warner Home Video, has announced Season 1 of Eastbound and Down will be coming to Blu-ray on August 2nd, the same day Season 2 will hit Blu-ray and DVD.

Mars Needed Viewers More Than Moms

It's really upsetting people didn’t see Mars Needs Moms. Not because it really deserved to be seen -- although it wasn’t half bad -- but because its failure directly led to Robert Zemeckis closing his studio, ImageMovers Digital. This is the piss-poor part: ImageMovers Digital was rumored to have the Roger Rabbit sequel in the works. Now, it is probably lost to us, again.

Fox World Cinema Will Focus On Foreign Films For At-Home Audiences

Twentieth Century Fox has announced the debut of a new production branch which will be bringing titles from around the world to DVD, video on demand, and digital download. The division, aptly titled Fox World Cinema, will focus on diversifying the foreign film market in the states. The first run will include Korea’s The Yellow Sea, China’s The Butcher, the Chef, and the Swordsman, and India’s Dum Maaro Dum.

Lionsgate Brings Great Middle-Of-The-Road Chick Film Fodder To Blu-Ray

Lionsgate is pulling a Disney and opening its theoretical “vault” to bring audiences some old stand-bys on new Blu-Rays. With Amelie, Chocolat, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas all planned as part of the rampant release, it’s looking like Lionsgate is targeting its female market. I know that last example seems like a stretch, but do you really think that many men showed up...

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Goes Public In June

People seem to be have been surprised at how watchable the two Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies are, but if they knew anything about children’s literature, they wouldn’t have been. Jeff Kinney’s series is thoughtful and entertaining, and the films are directly based on the premises he originated. So, although director David Bowers had a rather small budget to work with, he also had a solid foundation to begin with.

Star Wars Saga On Blu-Ray: Cover Art And Everything Else You Want To Know

The set will arrive on store shelves September 16th in North America. Somewhat surprisingly, it’ll arrive even sooner in international markets. Those of you outside the United States and Canada will be able to get your copy on September 12th. Included along with all six movies will be more than 40 hours of special features. As part of those special features will be deleted scenes

MTV To Release Savage County Before They Even Think To Bring Us Made

MTV’s not particularly known for its DVD releases. Cult favorites like Daria and weird sideshows like Skins might live on with audiences, but its likely bullshit like Made or My Life as Liz will never repeat see the light of day. Apparently, this doesn’t apply to poorly rated MTV2 fodder, because MTV has announced Savage County for DVD release on May 31.

Barney's Version Will Only Be Blu-Ray

If you haven’t seen LeFevre in action yet, you’ll be able to catch Barney’s Version when it comes to Blu-Ray on June 28th. While a DVD will come with the release, at $38.96, the cost is all Blu-Ray. Special features will include commentary with director Richard J. Lewis, writer Michael Conyves, and producer Robert Lantos. Buyers will also get three featurettes, including one with behind-the-scenes footage, and a Q&A with Paul Giamatti and Annette Insdorf.

Stargate: Universe Gets Final Season Release On DVD

Universe was canceled; however, all ten episodes of season 2 will live on into infamy in DVD format. There are two strange things about this release. The first is MGM isn’t giving viewers an opportunity to buy Season 2 on Blu-Ray. This is weird because they’ve spent the last few years revamping SG-1 and Atlantis for Blu-Ray release. This is all strange because Season 1 of Universe was widely marketed specifically for Blu-Ray.

13 Assassins Blu-Ray Will Bring The Carnage And Defend The Honor In July

Unapologetically vile and aggressively gory, it follows a baker’s dozen of samurais as they willingly embrace death in a violent suicide mission aimed at taking out a Japanese Caligula. He’s murdered and raped for sport long enough, and now there are 13 men ready to expose their own throats to get in one punishing blow.

Stop Pretending Like You Don't Like Degrassi, Season 10 Hits Stores In May

This year, Degrassi was hard at work tacking gender confusion with its newest character, Adam, struggling with feelings of being born into the wrong body. Hooked from that description? You should be.

Not The Worst Decision Ever, Hall Pass Available For Purchase In June

The Owen Wilson/Jason Sudeikis comedy follows the two bumbling everymen as they freak out after receiving a surprise hall pass to cheat on their wives for one week. Contrary to what Natalie Portman might mistakenly tell you, there are strings attached, and the plan runs afoul almost immediately.

Beastly And Red Riding Hood Get Fairytale Endings With June Blu-Ray Releases

It’s either been a dismal or great year for fairytale retellings, depending on how you look at it. Both CBS Films’ Beastly and Warner Bros.’ Red Riding Hood had theatrical releases in March, to underperforming budgetary and critical success. Still, two retellings in one month has given fairytale lovers a lot to look forward to/complain about. If you missed either title in theaters, Red Riding Hood will hit Blu-ray and DVD on June 14th, and Beastly will follow suit two weeks later.

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