You Missed It: Most Unfairly Overlooked Movies Of The Decade
These movies fell between the cracks, who may or may not have found a small audience, but deserved better. Consider giving these movies a second chance. Unique and strange, funny and weird, challenging and sexy; they're the most unfairly overlooked movies of the past decade.
Epic Fail: The Most Disappointing Movies Of The Decade
The movies weren’t always bad, they just didn’t live up to the expectations we attached to them. We mourn them as missed opportunities, or curse them for taking our money and giving us less than we wanted or deserved in return. Remember the bad times.
Cash Kings: Biggest Box Office Winners Of The Decade
The decade at the dawn of the 21st century saw some magnificent advances at the movie theater. Technology expanded and improved special effects, IMAX popularity increased giving the cinematic experience a new boost and 3D enjoyed a new wave of popularity. But, one of the biggest jumps at theaters happened, not on the screen, but at the box office.
The Decade's Ten Scariest Moments On Film
Sometimes they're subtle, sometimes they're so insane and over the top that we lost all sense of control. These are the scenes from the past decade that made us scream more than any other. Prepare to be scared all over again.
The 10 Most Romantic Scenes Of The Aughts
Over the last 10 years, it hasn't been the typical romantic comedies that got romance right; it was the oddball comedies, the foreign romps, even the tragic Oscar nominees that managed to pair up two actors, have them stare at each other for a while, and somehow conjure the magic of love.
10 Films Will Wishes Had Never Been Made
Some films wound up on this list simply because they were so heart-breakingly disappointing that it would just be easier to move on if they just didn’t exist at all. Movies I wanted badly to love but walked away from feeling as if I had just been broken up with by the girl of my dreams.
Film's 10 Best Music Moments In The Aughts
There were more than a couple mistakes of this nature in the past decade - the entire Watchmen soundtrack comes to mind - but with the aughts coming to a close let's celebrate the ones that got it right.
Top 10 Guilty Pleasures Of The Aughts
These are the films you’re completely self-conscious about watching time and time again. The films with titles you mumble when telling a friend what you’re up to, the films that make you blush when someone walks into the room and gets a glimpse at what’s on the TV.
Doing It The John Hughes Way: 10 Modern Movies Which Moved You Through His Methods
While the following films aren’t Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, they’re at least clear signs you can still have fun at the movies. These are ten movies which did things the John Hughes way in a decade without John Hughes.
The Decade: Our Favorite Advancements In Television
Since its creation, television has continued to evolve over the years, but looking back at the past decade, the small screen has made some huge strides not only with regards to the content that’s available but also with how we watch TV.
The Decade: TV’s Most Lovable Dorks
Some dorks just jump off the screen. Some are a little more subtle. This decade has proven dorks come in all shapes, sizes, social groups and professions. Here is our list of some of the most lovable dorks from the past decade..
The Decade: TV’s Top 10 Biggest Badasses
This decade has proven that tough guys and gals come in all shapes, sizes and professions (although being some kind of operative helps.) Let's take a look at the television badasses of the decade.
The Decade: Best New Gaming Franchises Of The Aughts
This decade saw the rise of many great new franchises that have altered the industry's landscape permanently. Here's a list of the ten series that pushed boundaries and entertained the hell out of us in the process.
Gone Too Soon: The Most Overlooked TV Shows Of The Decade
This past decade has seen some of the biggest leaps in TV innovation. It will be remembered for the advent of DVR and online streaming, for genre redefining shows like The Office and Dexter.
On Too Long: The Most Played Out Shows Of The Decade
The staff here at Blend Television found that it was easy to come up with a list of shows that went on way past their prime. Shows that started off great but somewhere along the line, took a turn for the worse and ended up out-staying their welcome.
The Decade: Our Favorite Comedy Series
Senses of humor tend to vary quite a bit, however we here at Blend Television found that the past decade had plenty to offer for those looking to have their funny bone tickled. Here’s our list of our favorite TV comedies from the last ten years.
The Decade: Our Favorite Drama Series
We did manage to narrow the list down to the dramatic series that topped the others, in our book anyway. So thanks to shows featuring serial killers, space cowboys, cylons, mobsters, tough cops and other fantastic characters, it’s been a great ten years of TV.
The Decade: Our Favorite Reality Shows
Whether you consider them guilty-pleasures to satiate your voyeuristic tendencies or educational series, there seems to be something for everyone in this genre and we had no problems coming up with a list of our favorite reality/unscripted TV series.
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