If you thought Diablo III was past its prime, think again. Two men have apparently been on a stealing-spree of Diablo III and Microsoft home and business software. The two master-thieves took their spree across two states, both Indiana and Ohio and managed to accrue $12,000 worth of stolen software.

According to Wane [via Sidemission] the two suspects – pictured above via security footage – started in July, amidst all the Diablo controversy. They were lifting copies from Walmarts (hardcore thieves right there) and managed to get $12,000 worth of software from more than 20 different stores. Pretty amazing, eh?

According to police the two also managed to acquire security keys for the “Spiderware” that retail chains use to secure software products.

While most people would assume that Diablo III is a hot title that would carry a hefty blackmarket price given that the game sold about 10 million copies worldwide, as reported by VG 24/7, it doesn't do any good if the people don't have a stable net connection or they keep running into error 37.

On a serious note, though, I imagine they were planning on selling the game to a middle-market distributor who planned on selling the games to regions where access to the game is limited or nil for a high price, like Liechtenstein or something.

Anyway, these two Diablo thieves are still at large, and police are looking for the men. They drive a four-door BMW and look like less fuzzy versions of the two dudes in the picture above, if that helps.

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