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The latest free-to-play title from Beanfun Games and Gamania Digital Entertainment is called Divina and the gimmick for the game is that it does some fairly unique things with guild domains and metagame structures. If you're curious about how it works, the game is free-to-play so there's no harm in giving it a try.

Divina is a colorfully typical MMO that gives players plenty of grinding, looting and questing to do. But the real the trick of the trade outside of the standard mounts, pets and party system, is the guild domain setup. Domains can be established by either players individually, where you create your own home in the game's land and go about your home-business, or domains can be established by guild leaders and work as a structural meeting place and hangout for guildies. r
What's more is that guild domains focus on building up more than just the main building. As guilds grow stronger there are more structures and options to utilize, such as a treasury for guild gold or a crafting house for materials and resources. It's a neat concept for an MMO and it's a bit shocking it hasn't been done in this manner before.

The game has more to it than just guilds and cutesy graphics. The game also sports a quick-change class function for gamers who aren't entirely sure about what sort of class they want to evolve into, but would like a little bit of a mix-breed to break up the monotony of DPS, crowd-control, healer and tank.

Divina is currently up, live, kicking and taking open-beta registration for gamers seeking something a little bit brighter and more laid-back than the typical dungeon grind.

Grab the client right now, for free, from the Official Divina Website.

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