Now listen guys, just because Ubisoft, one of the biggest video game publishers in the world, has decided to branch out and extend their video game library to girl gamers does not mean that you will get less blood, less guts, less profanity and less explosions from your regular, testosterone-driven gaming. It just means that now you’ll have to share Ubisoft with your female counterparts.

“Ubisoft is excited to finally offer young girls a line of games that give them the chance to explore their hobbies and interests in interactive and creative experiences,” said Helene Juguet, senior director of marketing at Ubisoft. “Our consumer research revealed that the young girls’ market has been relatively overlooked. We are happy to introduce a variety of titles relevant to what girls in this age group have indicated they are most interested in.”

According to the press announcement, the ubiquitous ‘U’ will be releasing the first series of games in the Imagine line-up this coming October, for the Nintendo DS. The fall titles for this year include: Imagine Fashion Designer, Imagine Animal Doctor, Imagine Babyz and Imagine Master Chef. Imagine Figure Skater will follow in early 2008.

You can check out the full description list of Imagine games being brought to you by Ubisoft, below. You can also check in with our easy-to-navigate – and I really do mean easy, real easy – E3 Media Guide and Coverage Center once you’re done perusing the following list.

Ubisoft’s Imagine Series Game List:

Imagine Fashion Designer invites players to become hip Manhattan designers handling all aspects of the fashion business, from creating their own line of clothing to directing photo shoots. Online gameplay allows players to share their designs and ideas with friends and fellow aspiring young fashionistas.

Imagine Animal Doctor puts young players in the role of a veterinarian, not only by treating and curing all types of animals, but also by creating new facilities to expand the veterinary hospital.

Imagine Babyz is the first simulation game focused on caring for babies. Players take on the challenges of raising a baby throughout all stages of development and will also be able to take photos and exchange tips and clothing through a unique online component.

Imagine Master Chef allows players to create recipes from all over the world using the stylus to prepare, stir and cook ingredients. Players can customize their kitchens with utensils and appliances. Fun mini-games include cooking quizzes and kitchen challenges.

Imagine Figure Skater, players will live the life of a champion who needs to balance her life between training, school and friends. Girls take on the role of a professional figure skater and use the stylus to perform jumps, spins and a variety of skating combinations.

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