The new free-to-play shooter from ijji Games, Genesis A.D. will be entering open beta starting next week. The game is remarkably smooth-playing and combines many elements from both Crysis and Metal Gear Solid. However, any gamer who knows anything about free-to-play shooter games is probably asking the very obvious question in regards to ijji Games’ line-up: When the heck is Karma Operation Barbarossa coming out?!

Not to jump off topic, but despite Genesis A.D. having PvE co-op modes, awesome character customization, and believable futuristic weapons and settings, it’s still not quite as fun as the realistic World War II zombie shooter, Karma Operation Barbarossa. Nevertheless, anything free is still better than nothing and gamers are definitely in for a treat with Genesis A.D. (known over in Korea as Another Day Online).

There are three playable classes in the game including the Supplier, Snipers and Assault, each with their own weapon grades, armor sets and special abilities, including active camouflage, jet-packs or extra supply boosts. It’s a pretty cool game with minor physics-based properties and dynamic, visually engaging environments.

You can learn more about the game or sign up to play by heading on over to the Official Website.

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